Dear GSC Family,
We have recently learned of an insensitive and offensive media post from one of our employees that has been circulating. First and foremost, we, as your parent-led Board of Directors, wanted to reach out to make sure you understand that this ideology is completely contrary to everything Good Shepherd Center stands for and everything it will continue to stand for going forward.
We are among those of you who had an immediate guttural reaction to the sentiment and to the intolerant nature of the post and follow up comments. We are grateful to Rebecca and staff for having the foresight to bring us into the decision making process. Everyone at GSC is family and we, as your board and staff, have taken action to keep our family together and do what is best for our center. This employee has been terminated.
We could not be prouder of our staff who have stood up for each other and already come to us openly with their concerns. <------This is what Good Shepherd is all about!
Diversity is our strength. To think for a moment that any person of color or any other cultural, social, or socioeconomic difference would be made to feel like less than family is intolerable.

Tim Fairbanks, BOD President
Tia Perez, BOD Vice President
Rebecca Cox, Director

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"Amazing daycare center! We had 2 children attend from the age of 4 months (up to 3 years old.) We have had a difficult time adjusting to life without GSC since moving out of state.  I wish all daycares had such loving and caring staff." -Kristen Penkrot

We are a non-profit, early childhood center offering a safe and nurturing environment. We strive to promote the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development of young children. 

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