"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning, but for children play is serious learning.  Play is really the work of childhood."   ~Fred Rogers

Blue Room

Lead Teacher :
Donna Lehman

Assistant Lead:

Shelby Clinton  

Lead Teacher :

Taylor Brooks

Assistant Lead:

Mikayla Dundon  

Lead Teacher :
Barb Goodwin

Assistant Lead:

Brittany Parrott 

Lead Teacher:  


Assistant Lead: 



Green Room

Orange Room

Yellow Room

Red Room

Lead Teacher :

Jennifer Roberts


Purple Rooms

Purple 1 is our newborn infant program designed for children as young as 6 weeks old.   Through the individually designed curriculum of P1 we are able to meet the special needs of each child while promoting independent play and plenty of floor time to help build the core muscles needed to get on the move.  This is balanced with our dedication to provide the loving & nurturing environment and one on one teacher interactions needed to promote

strong emotional and cognitive development.

Purple 2 is our mobile infant program starting between the ages of 6 to 8 months and continuing to 12-15 months. P2 is designed to give children at this stage the space and activities they need to really begin to explore the world around them.  Experiences with sensory play and early exposure to music and literature help bolster this exploration as your infant learns to move independently, practices parallel play, and continues to develop emotionally and cognitively through strong staff interactions.

P1 Lead Teacher :

Sandy Parrott

Assistant Lead: Lindsay Wooldridge

P2 Lead Teacher:

Roxy Running 

Our Orange Room Program is a full preschool program that is specially designed to meet the needs of younger children ages 3 and 4.  The program is designed to help the children develop a better understanding of themselves, others, and the world around them  This important awareness is achieved through active exploration and interaction with a variety of play based choices.  Within this program the children are provided many daily opportunities to see how reading and writing are important, to express themselves through art and music, and to develop key social skills.  Most importantly we strive to provide an environment that fosters each child's lifelong joy of learning.

Green Room is our transitional program between our toddler programs and our preschool programs and is designed for children approximately 3 years of age.  The Green Room focuses on language use, potty training, social and emotional development, gross and fine motor development and character education as well as laying the foundations for preschool success through early exposure to phonetic awareness and meaningful play.  Two year olds love to be independent, we provide opportunities for each child to strengthen emerging skills by introducing them to new ways of interacting with and learning from their enviroment.

Red Room is our young toddler program for children starting 12-15 months through 24 months.  We continue to value individual attention and strive to provide a loving and nurturing enviroment while beginning to introduce the children to our toddler program.  The children engage in early literacy activities, music and movement, sensory  & art activities and large and small motor experience.  Through these early play experiences the children explore social interactions and build relationships with staff that help expand their social and emotional intelligence. 

Yellow Room is our full toddler program for children between the ages of 24-36 months.  The Yellow Room introduces children to our music and movement & large group story and learning times  while continuing with the free choice centers structure.  Center activities include manipulatives, sensory play experiences, art projects and dramatic play.  with in these activities children interact with each other, their teachers and the environment to develop important social and communication skills.  During the full toddler program the children gain independence and confidence through the use of reasonable choices and positive reinforcement.

The Blue Room is our Kindergarten Readiness Program.  The curriculum of the Blue Room is carefully  designed to get your child ready for Kindergarten. In the Blue Room children work hard to develop independence and self-esteem while exploring prereading, writing & math activities.  Our teachers will use positive guidance techniques to encourage the expected classroom behaviors and clear limits that will ensure children are ready for the social and emotional challenges of Kindergarten. We strive to employ methods of active exploration in our learning in order to foster the continued development of self-esteem and a lifetime love of learning.